Knitting in many voices

Airplane knitting: mistake rib scarf, for the Rachel with red curly hair.

knitting annie
(12.11.12 – #347)

Knitting that illuminates lesbian sub-culture:

I am knitting the same mistake rib scarf, in the burnt orange misti alpaca, for my ex (B). At dinner before I left, I showed her the yarn and promised the scarf for after my long plane rides. She thanked me and said “I was hoping you’d make a toque, to match the scarf Ali made me.” Like exes and knitters are interchangeable. “That scarf is like 4 years old,” I said patiently. “And I wasn’t the one who knit it.” She looked at me hopefully.

(12.10.12 – #346)

The next day, Ali and I conferred. Time being scarce, she phoned around, found the olive yarn and went out and fetched it. So I can knit B a toque. With a pompom. To match the scarf her other ex made her.

Frida came to dinner with B and me on Sunday, by the way.

frida dinner
(12.9.12 – #345)

She didn’t make it to the Philippines, though.

(I may have finally learned how to spell Philippines)