About Fieldpoppy

I live in Toronto, where I work in the space of socially accountable education and change leadership, mostly in healthcare and community organizations. I have one finger constantly on the project in rural Uganda that supports orphaned and vulnerable children that I’m one of the leads on, and am constantly trying to make meaning of how to do that better. I zigzag with curiosities, ranging from exploring to knitting to photography to wondering what creates compassion. Sometimes I run, sometimes I ride, sometimes I read, sometimes I write, and sometimes I just play with my cats.  Two cats.  Barely a plural.


4 thoughts on “About Fieldpoppy

  1. I am very curious about your work. What exactly do you do in Uganda and how did you end up there?
    When I was a young child a missionary from our church would come and speak about her work in Africa….As a 5-6 year old I was entranced and remain so to this day. So, when I read or hear of someone working with people in an African country, I have a desire to connect.

  2. Connie-Marie, I run a learning and development project for orphaned/vulnerable children. Here’s the sort of functional website: nikibasika.org

    If you look on the right in this fieldpoppy blog, click on the topic Nikibasika and that’s where you’ll find posts from my last trip, last December.

    Happy to talk more about it 😉

  3. Hello, I would like to use your water pot picture in a presentation I am making on water and neglected tropical diseases. Thank you.

  4. Dear Field Puppy. I’m completing book on Southeast Asia and would like to use a puppet image of yours. Could I have permission? Who should I credit?

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