Last hours in Hong Kong

My last adventure of this trip was to the Tian Tan Buddha, on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. I had the morning before leaving for the airport, and I was staying right at the cable car entrance.

I had a glass bottomed “crystal” cable car to myself and no queues, thanks to few visitors because of the protests.

The Buddha was huge and serene and solid, as you would expect. The weather was perfect — 22, dry and sunny — and the crowds were sparse. I followed a crew of hikers toward the entrance to the Lantau Peak trail and discovered the wisdom path, a trail leading to 38 tall wooden pillars, each carved with a verse from the heart sutra.

I paused for 10 minute meditation, sun on my face. As I walked down after with purpose, a woman came up to me and said “excuse me” in a Russian accent and showed me her phone. She’d taken a photo of me meditating from above. She whatsapp’ed it to me. We beamed at each other, and I hopped back to the cable car and on my way home.

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