Things I love: Interval House

I was getting my bits of paper together for my taxes, and I paused for a moment on the receipt for Interval House, a women’s shelter I make a small monthly contribution to.  It’s only $15, and I don’t really pay any attention to it until it’s time to make sure I have my receipt at the end of the year. $180/year.  I don’t notice it.

I realized, though, that I’ve been making this monthly donation for at least 20 years. That’s $3600 over time.  $3600 I didn’t notice.  $3600 that supported women leaving abusive or untenable situations to find safety, return to school, build economic self-sufficiency and find new housing and safe, sustainable environments for themselves and their kids.

Interval House is one of those invisible small service providers that provides a steady, significant stream of profoundly important community and development for the most vulnerable people in Toronto.  They were the first centre for abused women and children in Canada, and have served hundreds of women and children over time.

Below for their impact report for 2016.  Think about what you could do with $15/month.









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