Social entrepreneurship, Uganda style

One of the basic premises of Nikibasika is that everyone in the program develops a core value of giving back to the community.  This week, the kids are working in teams to develop community service projects that they will do themselves (more to come on that!).

Elinah, who graduated from university this year, has been working for an program that works with people with HIV/AIDS.  One of their innovations has been to promote condom use among soldiers by creating a military-style condom that has guns on it.

Now, she’s starting a jewellery business that will support women living with HIV/AIDS.  The jewellery is donated by Canadian women connected to Blair’s hair salon in Toronto.  Elinah will hire women with HIV in Kampala to sell the jewellery, and to use the profits to support the International Community Women Living with HIV/AIDS of Eastern Africa. 

Ugandan women love bling. Women donating jewellery that supports women with HIV.  No overhead except shipping.  Jewellery that gets a second life. Amazing.

elinah blair

Blair gives Elinah business advice.


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