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We’re in Uganda, my sixth time.  We asked the kids today to write stories about themselves we could share with the world.  Here are some bites.

My name is Kagame Ivan, I am 15 years old and getting 16 years soon on 16th December….I want you to know that before I came to this project in 2004, I was very shabby and not able to read and write, I never had anything to eat and dress.  You have brought an ebullient life to me.  I really thank you very much….I want I should be able to finish all my school classes and be educated in my life.  I don’t get happy if I don’t finish my school.  I won’t be able to be a business man so that I can help the needy.  I also want to be able to visit, pick and hug you all.  In God’s grace I hope all that will happen.


My name is Ingabire Phionah.  I am 18 years old.  Nikibasika has been a home I had lost back in the days.  It has given me hope for the future.  I now have much belief that it is possible for me to be happy after many years of suffering at the hands of a scary world where there was nothing like hope for me, no one to hold onto.  Bu am happy today to say that Nikibasika has changed all that and now I look forward to better things in life.  …. My dreams in life are to be able to help the needy like the street kids who don’t have hope of life.  I would like to see them happy and smile at me…. I want to be a business lady who is known for my generosity as a sign of giving back to the community, just like what Canadians do for me.


I am Dan Enock.  Thirteen years old, I am a primary seven leaver.  I finished my Primary leaving examinations and am soon joining secondary.  Nikibasika means the story of my life.  That is whereby I was an orphan that I had nothing to wear, my parents were dead, I had a project called Nikibasika that is helping the orphans…. My favourite story about me is when I had not yet been brought to Nikibasika I used to help my parentes when they were still alive by washing the plates, cleaning the compound and fetching water for washing and cooking.  Another thing I like is to share things with my brothers and sisters and other children. … I would like Canadians to know the time I was brought to Nikibasika I had a talent of dancing, singing and playing soccer…. My dreams are to become an engineer in my life so I can be an important person.  My best friends in my life are the Canadians.


My name is Atusimiire Britah.  I am 16 years old…. my favourite story about myself is when I was contesting to become the entertainment prefect at school.  I was told to sample the students in front of everyone.  I was helped by my friends and danced for them.  Later on, voting was done and guess what, I was on too much pressure, but I won my opponent and became the entertainment prefect.  I then realized it is is possible.  I was so excited.  … My dreams are to become a lawyer.  I would also love to start up a children’s home and help those who are helpless.  I also want Nikibasika to shine all over the world and to help my family back at home.

**Am Karangwa Andrew 17 years old…. One time I was seated under the shade at school thinking of how one time in future I will be looking like.  I put myself in the shoes of Journalist.  I immediately stood up and tried to interview my fellow friends who had come to talk to me.  They asked me whether I was daydreaming or had suddenly run crazy.  I didn’t provoke them neither did they annoy me.  I told them that I had become a journalist and they were to start looking for what to be because I am already doing my part.  After some time we moved away from there because we were going for a lesson.


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