I’ve been trying to do the “one a day” photo thing, as part of building a more structured discipline around creative things. I’ve actually been trying to write fiction, for the first time in about 15 years, as well.

The photos are like scales — observing, paying attention, breathing and stopping. Harder when I’m out riding or doing things I really have to concentrate on.

We were out for a long bike ride on Sunday, and I saw this sign. Stopped short, plucked my phone out of my pocket and snapped this.

365.31 8.4


I literally pedaled another 2 km before I realized that this was a construction bobcat, not a man with a feisty bobcat under his arm, doing some kind of creepy rural version of cock-fighting.


Yesterday I didn’t shoot much of anything. Played with long exposures on my balcony at night after dark, but there was nothing I wanted to share. Instead, a stowed away photo from last week. Striking image embedded in the hideous construction hoarding across my street.

365.32 – 8.5


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