Cowgirl reading; beach safety flag; lovelocks

I ran more than 15 km today, the longest I’ve run this year. I told my creativity coach that I’d been taking photos every day but, I said, they aren’t very interesting. Take some interesting ones, she said. So I’m trying to combine training and creative practice and run with a photographer’s eye.

Bench and surprisingly empty stretch of lake.


Cowgirl reading on the boardwalk.


365/19 7.23

Our version of a prayer flag — the “here there be lifeguards” safety flag.


(I saw one red flag for unsafe water — better than I thought after all the flooding and rain).

And something I have never noticed before, on the humber bridge: dozens of little “lovelocks,” some with names or initials on them. Which, apparently, the city doesn’t like.


Mid-day, and unsettled and windy, so a quieter space for a thudding run. A few lovers snogging on the edge of the beach, kids in the splashpad, the slightly chaotic, gender-non-specific baton twirler practicing on the beach, the ethical vegans protesting the absorb abattoir in the middle of the city. Running, seeing, being here for the first time in July in years. Letting the city flow over me as I run over it.


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