Water pots

The guide I had for my first day in Myanmar said something that could cause a seismic shift in how I relate to the world if I let it. “People want to help you. Just ask them.”

(I don’t think we do that, here).

She explained it with an example: “if I need a cup of water, I go to an at home and say, give me a cup of water. It does not matter if she knows me, she gives it to me.”

All over Myanmar, jugs of water sit in small stands outside houses. Every local person I spent time with stopped at some point and drank from them.

I don’t usually post a long string of photos, but there was something about the persistence, the ubiquity, of the jugs that makes me feel a long line up is the right way to show them.

water jugs

water jugs 1

water jugs

water jugs 3

water jugs 2

water pot

I think these were my favourites – the embodiment of all of them.

water jugs 4

People want to help. Just ask them.


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