balcony chair (1/365)

I’ve been musing a lot about my voice, and how I express it in the world, and a general restlessness at the fragmented way I do that. So I’ve started working with a “creativity coach,” a lovely woman I met at the One of a Kind Craft show last year. Who knows what will come of it — I imagine some piece of writing or other — but the first step is about establishing basic creative practices in day to day life.

One of the things I decided to start with is to resurrect the 365 photo project I did last year. That brought some real focus to a kind of mindful reflection that I think is important to instil for the kind of reflective writing I want to do. So here I am, starting the photo project again.

It’s raining today, and it’s late on a Friday, so I started with my balcony. The fireworks-blocking new building south of me, and the forlorn lounge chair I toted across the country, sat in to watch the ocean from my house in BC, then toted back here again.



One thought on “balcony chair (1/365)

  1. I am glad you stated the 365 photo project again Cate. It helps me connect to your everyday life and see snippets offered through your lens. And, it certainly seems to qualify in the basic creative practices department. Plus seeing the practice unfold is inspirational and reminds me of the value of such practices.

    I realize as I write this that you could just take the photos and keep them for yourself, couldn’t you? So, I am thinking the part I like a lot is that whatever they are, you post them with at least a little message. You share the project with me and who knows how many other people. That is brave and smart and fun and connecting…so very Cate.

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