I’ve been a bit restless in the past month or so, trying to find my feet in my own city as I live here, just here, for the first time in years. Trying to figure out what pleased me so much about my semi-nomadic life, that combination of wanderlust and familiarity, and where I can pick up strands of it here. Trying not to feel too much like someone took my shoes because I have no real travel plans at the moment.

So I took myself off today to a part of the city I have literally never been to in my 25 years here — the Scarborough Bluffs.

Saw my first robin of spring.

first robin

(Yup, that’s a robin all right).

Also a lot of beautiful long-tailed ducks in breeding plumage, but just a little too far from shore to get any good shots. They really are among the prettiest ducks.

I love ducks.

Also I love finding parts of my own city I didn’t even really realize were there.


I’m not sure my wanderlust can be satisfied by the bottom of Brimley road, but it’s good to open my eyes in new ways.



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