Eely things

We did a different kind of wreck dive this morning — car wrecks. Bits of car jettisoned into the sea, now habitat.

Overstretched metaphor of the day: things growing in wrecks. Things poking out of unexpected places. Wounds beginning to be repaired. ETC.

There was an eely thing living in what used to be a gas tank.

eely thing
(12.22 – #357)

(Technically it’s a white-eyed moray, but I like “eely thing.”)

Fish coming out of some kind of pipe.

other eely thing

Lovely, destroyed oceanside patio being shored up after the destruction of the typhoon a few weeks ago.


It was a day for regrouping, after I stayed up too late booking travel for the end leg of this journey, trying to find something meaningful to do with the days that were supposed to be in England. It turned out to require a lot of decision making and multiple logistics and then it was midnight and I was talking to people in my homeland. (I can’t decide if being able to talk about this weird crazy breakup as it’s happening is a good thing or a bad thing. I’m going to vote for good meaning making, with gratitude to my long-suffering and endlessly supportive friends).

I wasn’t sure if I was going to dive or not, after not sleeping well, but hauled myself up to not dwell. And discovered that Diving While Anxious doesn’t always lead to relaxation — had an accidental inverted regulator while entering the water on the first dive so lost air, and sucked up all of my air way too quickly.

I did like the many many bubble coral shrimp.

shrimp bubble corral

The site was also lousy with lionfish, but I couldn’t capture them well.

lion fish

… and a few nudibranchs I hadn’t seen before.


Second dive I had buoyancy issues, and my camera battery died just as we saw remarkable things like a relatively cooperative harlequin shrimp that stopped and showed me its elusive face, and a tiny, stunning flamboyant cuttlefish.

But I dived twice, then felt kind of emptied out, and spent the rest of the afternoon doing something that probably no one in the history of dive resorts has ever done before: lying in a hammock, knitting, listening to Pema Chodron calm my cells.

feet hammock

More diving tomorrow. More affirmations.


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