Birthday weekend

(Still catching up on unposted daily photos — can I possibly do so by the end of the year?)

In mid-november, we had a family weekend for my mother’s birthday at Montebello.

First I got to sleep in a fort.

bed fort nov 16
(11.16 – #321)

Then my nieces had their first really grown up dinner, for my mother’s birthday. They successfully held it together for the length of the meal, with the help of a bit of facilitated conversation where we each took turns asking a Meaningful Question (“If you could be an animal for a day, what animal would you be?” “A butterfly, because I’d be fast and beautiful). The second Nieceling #2 put down her ice cream spoon, though, she nearly slumped to the floor, then went up to my sister, waggled her finger at her and chanted “you didn’t think I could doooo it!”

I took them to the stage in the empty part of the restaurant and let them run around like leopard-print clad dervishes for half an hour.

nieces stage
(11.17 – #322)

(Image blurred because my sister doesn’t really like me posting photos of the girlies)


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