28.7 metres

With my deep dive of 28.7m, and the demonstration that I could identify colours at that depth (the reds disappear) and wasn’t suffering from nitrogen narcosis, I completed my Advanced Open Water Certification.

cate diving2

I took my camera on the second and third dives of the day, and while learning the limits of using a compact at depth without a strobe, I loved how it made me look at things.

(12.17.12 – #353)

Big honking turtle hiding at about 24 metres down.

blue nudibranch

Two glorious nudibranchs.


And a bajillion fish. Wondrous, and like everything that’s hidden, a quest to get there.

On the island where we stopped for breaks between dives, where russet coloured wild dogs roamed around, a woman sold tshirts and sarongs from a little stand. I bought one, trying to imagine going a whole day without making a cent — it was a quiet day for divers. We got into a conversation. Halting English, jaw splitting grin at discovering I’m from Canada. “My sister lives in Montreal. Her name is Nancy A—. Look for her on Facebook!”

Now for a massage.


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