Blue ringed octopus

So rare that my dive instructor rushed into the shop/bar and boasted that we’d seen it on my Underwater Naturalist dive for my Advanced Open Water certification.

Rare, and apparently deadly, but he chose not to write that on his little slate.

blue ringed octopus
(12.16.12 – #352)

I haven’t mastered either buoyancy or the camera yet, and certainly not together, but I loved watching it, and loved feeling more at home in the sea. This was only my 20th dive in total, and there’s something about taking up diving at my Advanced Age that makes me remember how to learn in my body. Yesterday I swam through hoops to maintain buoyancy without touching. “No fish for you!” my instructor wrote on his slate after the 5th time I touched.

I like it here on this island of Mindoro, like the sense of action around us, but I find myself regretting the wifi, the sense of civilization. Hard to feel unplugged, and wow how I need to be unplugged.


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