(11.20 – #326)

Don’t ever let your business partner foist his daughter’s leftover halloween candy on you.

(BTW, 3:26 is my personal best marathon time — my lucky number)

Random dog while running, improved by Snapseed.

(11.19, #325)

The crazy construction on the railroad tracks just north of my building that is causing me to have to walk even FURTHER around and around and around to get to the streetcar stop that is about 100 m from my front door as the crow flies.

(10.29 #304)

Random sunset, on my mother’s 70th birthday.

(11.14 – #320)

Admiring my own toes. And my leopard print jammies, which I bought in Portland, Oregon on January 1, 2008, when I was there for a week to do a little dissertation writing retreat and the heat in the place I was staying in wouldn’t come on.

(10.30 – #305)


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