Lost images

I’m brewing a couple of fuller posts, but don’t have useful words yet. Frustrating time on a bunch of fronts. So I sublimated by a distracting project, and finally managed to poke through my clutch of backup drives to find the lost “photo project” images from early July that disappeared in the lost iphone/destroyed Air debacle. These were from the tail end of my early summer trip to the Shire. Looking at them, I miss the sheep. And the cats. And Finch, of course.

Buttercup, 7.6.12 (#188)

Carrots, 7.7.12 (#189)

Sheep, hill, valley, 7.8.12 (#190)

(7.9.12 – #191)

Wee little private hospital where Finch had eye surgery. It was so cunning, and the head nurse (Sister) wore a nurse dress and had one of those little Cherry Ames nurse watches hanging off her nurse dress pocket. (I had a photo of her, but I’ve lost it in the Lost Images Drama, whereupon I discovered that I can’t seem to access photos that were backed up in i-Photo but are now erased).

Finally, prosaic sunset after I arrived home. I note that on July 10, the sun set behind the hated new building. At this time of year, I can see it.

(7.10.12 – #192)

OCD satisfied, and nostalgia for summer induced.


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