Sunset 9.27

I’m feeling chest coldish, but I hadn’t exercised in nearly two weeks except for walking, and I was stir-crazy. So I went for a short gentle run at sunset, and ended up in Trinity Bellwoods.


I was talking with a friend recently about how sometimes, when she’s on the treadmill, she gets very angry. I have been in that place — sometimes I get all fierce when I’m running, or adamant, and at times in my life when things have been tough, I’ve been furious, or weepy. But tonight was a soft night, my neighbourhood an woozy little affectionate dream. I felt all warm about the hipster nexus of Queen and Ossington, a gallery with an opening here, a guy surveying a menu there, messenger bag swinging, and for the green space of Trinity Bellwoods, the expansiveness of the city. All distant twinkly lights and reflections over the lake from my little aerie, relaxed sighs of humans at the ends of their days down on the ground.


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