9.10/9.11 Day by day

I haven’t been stellar at posting my daily images, but I really have been taking them. The practice of focusing for even 30 seconds in a day on capturing something is ingrained, now, even if it’s days where I only use my iphone. But sometimes they’re not very interesting, and just more of a random scrapbook of my peripatetic consulting life.

Monday was several meetings in the vicinity of the University, which made me feel all chipper and fresh-faced, with thousands of students thronging the place.

(University college, U of T, #254 9.10)

One of our clients took me and D out to lunch to thank us for a work on a strat planning project, which is practically unheard of. Since the day fell neatly between my juice cleanse and my colonoscopy prep, I indulged in one of the most beautiful trios of gelato ever.

Tuesday was even more runny-around-y, starting with a 7 am spin class that my friend L somehow persuaded me was a good idea.

(#255 — 9.11).

It was a good thing, but it left me feeling just a touch worn out by the time I had my early evening meeting with an amazing woman from the Triadventure who is helping us figure out how to streamline our infrastructure and make it more transparent. We got all geeky with process mapping and i-tools of various kinds, and I got all grateful for the depth and diversity of our community.

And then I drank a glass of wine, ate leftovers and went to bed. My days.


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