Eying with suspicion

They’re working a little too much overtime on the building on the southwest corner of my street.

(9.5 – #249)

I didn’t love the new building that’s now hit its height on my northwest side, and I hate that it stole most of my sunsets, but this one.

This one.

It’s going to block almost all of my lake view I get from my bedroom, and a significant part of my living room view. I’ll lose the CNE grounds, which are mostly calm until the time of the national exhibition, which is manic and loud, but magical at night.

(8.25 – #238)

It’s even lovely during the day.

(8.29 – #242)

I like that I can lie in bed and look at the boats on the lake, and see the wind turbine that continues to pose an unanswered question about our unresolved relationship with power.

I knew when I bought this condo that there would be building, and I also knew that the building right smack dab in front of me has historic protection, so I’ll always have a sliver of space directly west, and will be able to at least see the little bay where the humber river drains and the curves of the humber pedestrian bridge.

But I’m still really really petulant about these men and their cement trucks, and keep hoping against hope that this building will stop just below my eye level.


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