8.28 Scrapbox

I’m working on a project with one of my clients to document their 25 year anniversary as an AIDS service organization. There was a box of photos on the ED’s desk, crammed with Drag Idol and early days in the tiny chaotic organization and holiday dinners and their major fundraiser.


Reflecting on what’s been created in the world through the existence of this hands on organization, how much has radically shifted in that time. How the advent of drug treatment regimes has transformed HIV into a chronic disease, how gay couples where one person is positive can adopt kids, how the world has been changed. How much can tip on its end in two and a half decades. How “don’t come home till the streetlights come on” would never be uttered by any parent in north america today. Why we think it’s so hard to change when we jump fearlessly into creating new ways of being in the world constantly.


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