Consulate (7.11.12)

Finch and I had been planning this trip to brazil for a bit, but we didn’t actually have flights booked until early June, and I didn’t realize Canadians needed an actual visa until my last weekend in England. Ran off to the Brazilian consulate the moment I could collect a wee photo and a certified cheque.

It cost me $82 for the visa, $10 for the photos, $5 for the certified cheque, and $500 when I had to rebook my flight to Austin (we left from Texas) because they wouldn’t promise me my passport back before my departure time.

And let’s not even mention the fact that I then had to buy a new iPhone to replace he one I lost in England, dropped in the carpark when we went to see the Pendleton witches exhibit.

It was an expensive and flurried week, with technology and insane deadlines and packing, hence the complete lack of blogging before I left. Followed by no online access and a nearly destroyed computer once we reached Brazil and it’s glorious animals.



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