How to be confident

One of our big challenges in the Uganda project is how to support the “big kids” — the young adults who are about to enter the world on their own — with the development they need beyond schooling and the kind of guidance our staff can provide. We came across an amazing program, also run by Canadians, called The Kibo Foundation, and have formed a really rewarding relationship.

We had dinner with one of the women behind the program a month ago (where else do you get to meet someone who has Bishop Tutu’s personal email and who has first hand scuttlebutt about Winnie Mandela?), and the first three of our kids just finished the 12 week program. This is the perfect program to fledge them from Secondary School, where their lives are completely structured, to making their own way in the world.

I asked them to write little reports about their experience. Moreen’s words say it better than I can.

KIBO is a non governmental organization that started in 2007 here in Uganda by the help and support of Canadians.

I liked very many things at KiBO like Team building, STIC, the way of giving back to the community, computer skills like MS excel, ms word, power point, publisher, life skills, dress code and how to start a business without money. I have really changed in a right way.

I myself I have learnt that I can do every thing if am determined and confident and due to that I managed to go to different places and look for a place where to do my community service from and I got one that was in international computer school and I managed to be the chaplain of our class.

Living in Kampala was a very great thing to me. I managed to get many friends, I went to different beaches, I went to airport and I managed to look after myself which was a dream to me in this way I had to think big and plan for my life through using the money you gave me in a right way.

The conflict we had with our sister wasn’t all that much but it really opened up my mind I learnt how to say sorry from it, team work as a family, and even sharing my problems with the right people. And I don’t think that it will happen again because of team work that we have right now .

I have learnt how to be more motivated, how to be confident, how to set a goal and how to achieve it in all ways, how to handle different people, team work, dress code and all these will make me a better person in the world.

Uncle briar am no longer shy today I believe that I can make, it can speak to the millions and millions of people with out shyness.

Every thing that I did made me gain more skills and experience even hard experiences added more knowledge and wisdom to my life at KiBO every day I learn some thing new and good.

I really appreciate your support, love, care and every thing. you have really changed my life.

Sometimes this project can be very trying — I can get involved in antagonistic conversations with the head of our NGO on the ground in Uganda, I sigh heavily when I have to deal with budget stuff, and trying to “run” a project from so far away can lead to a tummyache. I do forgot to hold the difference we’re making at the centre. Moreen’s letter reminded me. You have really changed my life. I see it.


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