Arizona Desert 05.25 146/05.26 147/05.27 148

I spent the weekend in southern arizona with four women who are warm in my heart. We stayed in the home of Kim, who was off tending to urgent family matters. I missed her, but sleeping in her bed, being in her space, I reveled in her spirit.

This is the view from her back garden.


I got to visit with another friend in Phoenix en route, and even though it wasn’t the more structured weekend of exploring some hard to talk about ideas we’d originally envisioned, it let me tap into something about mystery. The kind of rare friends who’ll talk about the ineffable and sit with it, and then hike at sunset…



Saw a few new birds for me, but didn’t get good photos of any of them. It was more about presence, and “mindful birding” anyway. Loved that my friend Linda thought she might be a little bird but got totally into the pace and the foregrounding of what’s usually muted in the background. And I loved being in the desert, as always.

It was a full weekend, very good being in community and conversation with these four people I truly connect with. And it made me feel my fragmentation even more. I’ve been pondering a kind of… sense of scarcity… recently. I really fumble around articulating it, but it’s something about a subtle shift, relating to age and stage of life, from a sense of endless possibilities to a need to be more choiceful. More on this later, I think. But I know that spending a luscious weekend with four good women, in the space created by two of the people I respect most in the world, made me long even more for a sense of home beyond my little sparrow hops from place to place.


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