05.19/20 Niecelings (140/141)

Had a flying visit to Ottawa on the long weekend (drove and only stayed for one night). Just wanted to hang out with my niecelings for a while. Wish they lived next door.

We crammed a lot of things into a 26 hour period: two farmers’ markets, swimming, excellent gelato, and a visit to the museum of civilization to see the Mayan exhibit. And the Bee Movie with popcorn before bed.


I taught Nieceling #1 to play bubble witch saga on facebook. She found it as addictive as I do.

Nieceling #2 had some issues with her gelato. She still had ice cream on her face *after* her bath.


Waiting for the pool to open.

There’s nothing to say except how lovely they are. Nieceling #2, almost 6, says everyone in the world bosses her. She also lectured me, while I was playing bubble witch in my jammies, that I could play the game *after* I got dressed and brushed my teeth, and that it wasn’t the last game in the world.

She’s heard that somewhere.

Maybe from me.


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