05.22 (#143) Permission

My friend Pamela , with her friend/colleague Brandy, made this lovely little book:


Basically it’s 26 concepts, illustrated by Brandy, that add creativity and vitality to your work/life. Things like permission to… wonder, question, incubate, provoke, draw, be enthusiastic, walk away, take a risk, move, iterate, play. We used it last week in our change leadership collaborative — our gathering of clients that we aim at doing annually, and had a really rich discussion about “permission to be a human being,” which includes “practice self-compassion, breathe, let it out…”

I decided today that I would treat the book like the I Ching or something and just randomly open it and do the permission it fell open at.

I got Include.

I didn’t like that, so I flipped on.

Then I got Connect.

I didn’t like that either.



Immerse Yourself.

Okay, that matched what I’m yearning for. Not exactly letting the Universe decide for me, but am definitely drawn at the moment to bring my many multiplicities together and go deep deep into something. That’s where I envy someone like Finch, who can immerse himself completely and “master” something. My strength is synthesis of a lot of disparate things. But I really need to go deep into something — hence all the yearning about writing, etc. — so maybe there’s something about synthesizing first and then going deep into what’s produced in that synthesis. Am spending the weekend in Arizona at Kim’s place (sans Kim, unfortunately) and I will ponder that.


3 thoughts on “05.22 (#143) Permission

  1. How lovely! Very cool that you didn’t give your power away to the fates and found your way to the permission that spoke to you. Can’t wait to hear what happens when you take it!

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