#130 (05.09) June’s Cat

For the Uganda project, we have an emerging relationship with another organization that provides leadership and career preparation training for young adults. Six of our kids are in the program right now, and it seems to be a really useful experience for them. On Wednesday night, we had a dinner with one of the Canadian founders of the program, an amazing woman more than 20 years older than me, who’s lived and been and done many things. Amazing stories of being dissed by Winnie Mandela and having Bishop Tutu’s home address.

She had a lovely kitty, which my friend S was playing with.

(130, 05.09).

Then S got a call that her own beloved kitty was ill and her partner was taking her to the vet. The same vet I was at with J on Monday night, bizarrely. A week of worry on so many fronts.


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