#129 (05.08) Aroma Coffee

There are a few practices I need to adopt to have more space and create the more orderly way of holding all of the pieces of my life. One is to be more intentional about the work we take on, not just always saying yes because it’s interesting and lucrative and they asked us and we think it might be meaningful. (A very privileged position). But we’ve done a few things lately where the balance of time/effort/soul involvement has not been all that generative, mostly small things we had an antenna twitch about anyway.

Another way is to be more disciplined about the way I use my time. I often recover from my exertions by lying in my bed and playing stupid games or crossword puzzles, or coasting around facebook, or “reading the whole internet” as my friend Bonne calls it. Huge leaks of time, when I know that 80% of that time I could actually spend 20 minutes in the gym, cleaning or answering fretful emails so it doesn’t back up. I spend more energy than I like to admit putting things off.

(129 – 05.08)

One of the solutions is leaving my place for an hour to go to the coffee shop down the block. Enforced focus. Which is what I did when I got back from J’s, when I was fried from the night before, and fretting and sad. Some of that much desired space, carved out.


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