123 (05.02) Walking around

One of the practices I’ve developed in this little photo project is to carry a camera around with me everywhere.

I’m still not nuts about my little lumix — I am finding it hard to get good quality indoor shots without a flash. And apparently, I hate using a flash inside.

But having the camera in my bag means I look around the world differently. I notice more things. Like this tree.

I was walking from Women’s College Hospital to Toronto Western the other day, and I cut through the part of kind-of-chinatown just north of baldwin street. There was this tree, all decorated.


I couldn’t quite figure it out, even up close.

Tinsel and beads and ornaments and little notes and photographs. It looked like it had been decorated by birds.

The neighbourhood was full of arcane communications. A post around the corner hailed attention with a red ribbon, inviting neighbours to an open house for a community group (Gilda’s Club). This under a May Day march announcement and above an English-challenged notice of fortune telling. (What’s the right word for that?)

And around the corner, among other outdoor workout equipment, yellow disks for some kind of Tai Chi spinning.

I didn’t stop to try out the spinners or the elliptical, but I liked that they were there.


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