#117 Wandering the halls of hospitals (04.26)

We come across some really strange things in our work. We often end up meeting in spaces that are usually used for much more clinical pursuits.

Like the surgical skills centre where we met to talk about programs about women’s reproductive and sexual health.

Their simulation labs are pretty freaking realistic.

I’m always fascinated by the clinical stuff, asking for details about why there would be a safety eyewash station in the surgical skills lecture room. (They told me, but I forgot. Fascinated but forgetful. I’d flunk out of med school the first week).

The flip side of our incursions into these fascinating spaces is that we have strings of time between the pearls of meetings, but never enough time to go home. So we wander nomadically around the hospital territory around College and University, from Women’s to TG to MSH to Princess Margaret, the open space of MARS often a relief zone for us.

This is what my “office” looks like about 30 % of the time.

Nirvana is a place where there is wifi, where your phone works, where it’s quiet enough for a call, and there are power outlets to recharge all the gadgets.

There is no such place.

Last week I twice spent an hour sitting on the window ledge on the northeast end of MARS, near the restaurant, Macbook Air on lap, making serious phone calls, because it was the only quiet place I could get 3G.

I guess this is why people have offices.


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