#113 (04.22) Orange bellied skimmer

We went back to the garden centre again, this time for plants for the little ponds and for butterfly-attractors. I pointed at some bog plants I liked and left Finch to poke at and think about the and wandered around taking photos of dragonflies and butterflies.

I think this is an orange bellied skimmer.


It’s equally lovely from the side.

I located the plants that the butterflies were really drawn to, and found a few monarchs among the hundreds of red admirals.

The bees aren’t as gorgeously bumble-y as the ones in the Shire are, but they are industrious and oh so busy.

This is the garden centre where one of the workers commented on how affectionate we are, and told us a long story about how affection is the “glue that holds a couple together,” and that it had become a Thing with her and her boyfriend, and how he texted her “that was great glue last night.”

People tell me things.


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