#91 (03.31) Blonde woman

In a Huge Generalization, women seem to be different in this part of England than in parts of the world that I mostly inhabit. Finch says there’s some kind of joke about the more northern you get, the higher the hemline. This blonde woman, captured in our favourite resto my first night here, is typical.

Heading out for her Saturday night of clubbing, even though this is what we’d think of as the size of town in Canada that would be unlikely to have any nightlife at all. England is different. Girls everywhere, and it’s pretty much about long hair, high heels, short skirts. I like how, in this restaurant, the vestibule is always really really warm, so the Girls can wait for their cabs or boys without freezing their exposed patooties off.

I’m not that type of woman, though I’m getting better at camouflage. I no longer recoil when the server asks a question like “so the girls will still be on wine for the meal, then?”


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