(#83 & 84, 03.23-24) Quiet weekend

It was a stressful week, and I was clinging to the rockface with my fingertips by Friday, when I had to lead a group of 90 people in an overheated room designed for 40 by myself. After that I lurched to an afternoon movie, gobbled a lot of popcorn, then spent a very quiet, restorative weekend, doing very little except cooking and drinking wine,

(83, 03.23)

watching the entire last season of Top Chef, delighted to see the guy from our favourite restaurant in Austin take it all, exercising and knitting.

Finally finished two projects — a fuzzy cowl just in time for tank top weather, and a pair of socks I’ve been making Jess only during haircuts for the past year and half.

(84, 03.24)

There are bits of my hair, variegated colours, woven into the lace.

Weekends like this I’m so glad for my cosy little space up above the city.


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