#80 (03.20) Enormous Milestone

I mailed the completed application for our own charitable status for Nikibasika to the Canada Revenue Agency yesterday. A huge milestone, and a kind of global acknowledgement that this project is here to stay.

If/when we get it, it will be enormous accountability, being one of three Directors of a Real Charity, but it will also be a huge relief. I am immensely grateful to the agency that has granted us support and the right to give receipts over the past few years, but we never really fit their mandate, and because so much of our time is taken up running this project, it’s been hard to contribute to them the way they’ve wanted us to. It’s made things kind of fraught. We’re an annoying subproject to them that doesn’t comply with all of their expectations, and I find it hard to make the meaning and value of the project real to them. An outgrown relationship, and definitely time to be on our own. One of the many things I’ve learned doing this work.

I’m sure there will be a million more.


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