75 (03.15) Looking around at home

I had an intense work day Thursday, then rejoiced in the time shift that meant I could go for a walk when it was still light out. Took my camera and paid attention to new things or things I’d never noticed.

Just up the block from one of my favourite restaurants, School, a mural I’d never paid attention to.


Amazing homage to the carpet factory that was once on this piece of land, now lofts and offices.

There’s a lot of commercial churn still in this area. The local trattoria I have a love-hate relationship with seems to have closed, becoming a (strangely out of place) frozen yogurt shop. I wanted to love that restaurant but they made it difficult — chaotic service, too loud to talk, removing the good things from the menu. I had a few wonderful meals there, though, alone and with friends. I’m always looking for a place where I can eat at the bar on my own for those weekends when I’m restless but not organized enough to make plans. On the flip side, there may be a new perfect place for that. My beloved noodle shop that closed a few months ago is — delightfully — going to become a branch of a restaurant I really like on King East, Origin. Good small plates, friendliness when you decide to eat at the bar, alone, with a book and a glass of wine. A little ear-splitting, but that seems de rigueur.

I also walked down a street I always seem to skirt, because it’s purely office commercial, and reflected how much has changed in six years. Shortly after my “marriage” ended, I had a brief fling with a sculptor who had a studio in this area. The laneway is still there, but it’s filled up with a condo-selling temporary building, and the ramshackle studios with room for huge heavy pieces and random old bathtubs seem to be gone. Not sure where those people *go* to work now.

I had a cab driver who rhapsodized about this neighbourhood the other day, talking about how amazing it will be in a couple of years. It’s certainly trying hard to cram as many people, condos, random stores and restaurants and workspace into it as possible. It could be wonderful — and it needs some serious attention to infrastructure like enough roads, another way in from King Street, post office, etc. Otherwise all of the energy will be, like the Distillery, for “occasions,” like this pub across the way, with the St. Paddy’s Day lineup out onto the street at 1 pm on Saturday.

For the moment, until I’m hemmed in, I’m just grateful for the view of the lake, of sunsets, of a bigger world up above the city.


2 thoughts on “75 (03.15) Looking around at home

  1. … to the School in a long time. Their chocolate muffins are so good. It’s always nice to speak
    Dutch with the owners!

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