#74. 4 secrets in one (03.14)

1. I stay up too late. Almost every night.
2. I bring i-technology into my bed. Every night.
3. I gulp down entire oeuvres of TV shows in gluttonous buffets. This was all three seasons of Parenthood in about 2 weeks.
4. I knit the same thing over and over. This was a finished cowl, which I hated and frogged, and it was a well-underway cowl until I got confused during a margarita and dinner with Liz and miscounted then messed up in trying to fix it. Now this stretch of yarn is rebooted for literally the 8th time. In my technology strewn, up-too-late, TV-slurping free for all.

PS. Sometimes I enjoy the act of knitting far more than the finished product.


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