#71 (03.11) The Spit

I had a yen to go birding, and it was a glorious day. Took me a set of English pancakes and three cups of coffee to get out the door — I’d like to blame the time shift but basically it was just sloth — but I got out and wandered around the Spit for the afternoon.

I knew it would be a winter duck festival, and there were hordes of the lovely long-tailed ducks, along with some beautiful red-chested mergansers, a few buffleheads (my spirit bird), mallards, redheads and lesser scaups.

(Long-tailed duck)

Too early for spring migrants, really, and I didn’t see any passerines for ages. But then, was in a wooded area near the cacophonous ring billed gull colony and saw a fleeting little dart of a bird, and had a pair of busy black capped chickadees.


I also saw a redpoll, which was a first for me in North America, and Finch tells me it’s a leftover winter visitor and will be heading north soon… along with a couple of killdeers and a single red-winged blackbird, the first signals of spring.

A cusp of a day in the hidden city.


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