#63-66 Skies (03.03 – 03.06)

After my crammed week, I got to spend a quiet weekend tidying up, cooking, working a little, and sitting in my little nest of a bed, reading, knitting and watching a marathon of Parenthood.  Not a brilliant show, but satisfying to fulfill the need for quiet time. I kept saying I should go down to the lake, but Saturday was crazy bitey windy, which made it even more cosy to stay inside.

Instead of taking more tedious photos of random items in my flat, I focused on the sky.  Light, late on a very grey Saturday afternoon.

(63 – 03.03).

Sunset skyline late on Sunday afternoon.

(64 – 03.04)

Monday afternoon skyline, after I got home from another stretch of meetings.

(65, 03.05)

And Tuesday evening sunset.

(66. 03.06)

The big sky and glimpses of the lake are my favourite things about this place.  Making the most of it before the construction that’s hemming me in cuts off most of my view.


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