#58 – 61 (02.27 – 03.1)

Turns out that transitions, like UK to home, explode any routine.  But I did manage to take at least one (lousy) photo every day, in the “turn camera on random item and shoot.”

Travel days are generally not very photographable, since airports are all the same and taking a lot of photos irritates the security people.  Though I did appreciate being upgraded.  Love the little pods — it’s like taking your bed out in public while people serve you smoked salmon and wine.

(58, 02.27)

Tuesday was so so busy that it didn’t even occur to me to take a photo, until I staggered outside just before bed and snapped the 10 pm view from my balcony.

(59, 02.28)

Wednesday was another crazy day, where I had to be onsite for a four hour client session at 730 am, had a starbucks chunk of time mid-day to look at the snow, and a somewhat difficult first part of a retreat with a team starting at 430.  Ending at 730 and needing to be onsite again the next morning at 730 for a full day. (60, 02.29)

That was such a long day, I once again found myself wandering around aimlessly with my camera at 10:30 pm, after a full day client meeting and then a TriAd planning meeting. Finally settled on the bikes, reminding myself I used to be a person who rode.  Didn’t ride my road bike once last year.  That’s just WRONG.

(61, 03.01)

Slotting photos into these tiny little spaces is kind of emblematic for me of the other stuff that gets lost in these crammed days — exercise, and a sense of thoughtful accomplishment.  I do a LOT, and am grateful to feel appreciated by clients and by my business partners.  But I can’t seem to find a more organic rhythm, where my work flows, my body flows, my sense of connection with the world feels balanced.  And clearly, when I’m home in TO, I don’t have the option of photographing cute kitties when the day has run out without any inspiration.


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