#41 Sorry, but it had to be this (02.10.2012)

I went on and on and ON about this yesterday, but it was SO. GROSS. that there was really nothing else to think or talk about here in The Shire.

The “infected bite” Finch had from his trip to Surinam turned out to be a botfly, and I spent all of yesterday morning googling “how to get rid of a botfly” and watching the most revolting You Tube videos.  We agreed that home remedies were probably a better first resort than trying to find a doc who understood what to do, especially after reading some of the horror stories online.  (Whatever you do, do not google “botfly” and “scrotum”).

In a nutshell, what you have to do [avert squeamish eyes] is somehow cut off the air source of the botfly larva which is in one’s body and then when it sticks its head out of the hole it has made in your flesh, you yank the sucker out.  Suggestions for luring it out included vaseline, blowing cigarette smoke into a bottle and smoking it out, vick’s or other camphor, along with a lot of even more disgusting options.  We chose to try to drown it in hot salt water.

It worked, after 1.5 hours.  I fed Finch toast and gagged gently.  He was simultaneously grossed out and fascinated, as only a true biologist could be.

I made him sleep with his hand on the opposite side of the bed until we were sure Bertie the Botfly didn’t have a twin.


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