#6 2012.01.06 Keys

A few months ago I had the brainwave that if I just had the teeniest, tiniest little studio space, I could go there to write and think and make images. I got a little corner through Artscape, cheaply, a couple of blocks away. But when I set it up, it was stifingly hot and not very inviting, and then it turns out, I’m Never. Here. I used it once. I decided to close the lease and make it available to some artist who might actually use it, and returned the keys on the 6th.

I seem to do this, jump into things because they might be a good idea, experiment, and then move on. Some of my impulses work out, some veer off, and some are both brilliant and spectacularly expensive. This one, at least, didn’t involve moving all my furniture across the country and back.


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