A few loose ends

1.  I got Exxon on the plane just FINE.  And no, I didn’t sit with her on my lap, petting her and speaking quietly to her, as Blair and Carissa and Lisa suggested.  And here she is, positioned by Lisa to scare me:

2.  Here’s me with the girls braiding my hair the first night.

3.  And here’s how much our big girls ate at our Special Lunch.  And some of them went back AGAIN.

This is pretty much your basic Ugandan cuisine:  chicken (without much meat on it — free roaming does not equal plump); beans; rice; matooke (a type of plantain and ubiquitous); greens (slimy the second day); meat (generic meat); cabbage; pumpkin; pineapple.  Plate #2 has potatoes, which are everyone’s favourite.  The only thing missing is posho, a kind of cornmeal and other grain mush (like grits), which almost everyone eats almost every day. And no, that’s not champagne — our hotel got into the spirit of the fancy lunch and gave us wine glasses for our sodas.

Just to be clear, this is a FANCY Ugandan meal.  People with some money would eat this many things at one meal at xmas, but for most people, it’s posho and beans, day in, day out, almost all the time.  Maybe meat once a week, maybe matooke.  When I went to Tina’s for dinner, it was meat, matooke and rice.

4.  This was our most wired trip to Kasese ever.  Our hotel had wifi that worked remarkably well (as long as we had power — and the power was out at least three nights for hours), and I had a travel pack that let me access MMS texts fairly cheaply.  Access + a romantic partner in another realm of the earth = Cate walking down a rutted dirt road in rural Uganda texting on her iphone.


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