The Arts and Crafts teacher was at the project most of the week, set up under the tree in the far end of the compound. Bit of brown paper and wire were scattered around, and there was a lot of beading and folding of dried husks.

Today, as we were leaving, the children presented us with gifts.  They know I like birds, so they gave me a kingfisher, like we saw the other day, made of wire and papier maché and actual feathers.  It’s eating a fish and perched on an actual branch.

It’s stunning, and beautiful, and truly horrifying. It looks like it was petrified in lava or rescued from an oil slick.

Lisa named it Exxon.

The security guard in the hotel reached out her finger to touch the feathers, and I couldn’t help myself from thrusting it toward her face and saying CAW.  She jumped back.

I have to somehow get it on the plane.


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