Things I’m Grateful for 2: Public Art

There are so many BIG things I’m deeply grateful for this thanksgiving — health when so many people I know are struggling with cancer, an incredibly strong web of people I love who love me, meaningful work, resources and privilege to travel and do so many things things that give me joy, a country that fits me — everything.

But I’ll focus in on one, concrete category — public art.  I love being in a world where the urban vocabulary includes random pieces of public art, like the benches in my neighbourhood, each with a theme, some spritely:

….some a little thumbprint of the history layered under the condos and workspaces and shops:

… some just evocative, like this one called “Remains of the Day,” with the fixed worker’s lunchpail and thermos….

And, threaded around the benches, other random items, some actively placed:

… and some, inspired by and mirroring the “official” art, the “next turn” in the conversation:

A visual vocabulary forms an invitation to the whole neighbourhood to be creative, to engage.  I’m happy to live among this.


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