My friend Carol Anne pointed out that there are a group of bloggers who are committing to posting every day during October on a single topic. I’m already late to the party – and struggling with bandwidth access in this rural location on top of it – but I like this kind of enforced structure. So I’m going to try to blog every day, at least one photo with a mini-narrative about it. I’ve been sort of trying to do that on facebook for 2011 anyway – select the equivalent of one photo per day – but I’ve been a bit erratic. Maybe a good practice for 2012. Not just 365 photos at the end of the year, but 365 photos, one of which represents each day.

Erratic – that seems to be the theme of this post – erratic posting, erratic bandwidth, erratic jumping all around the world. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on the floor of Finch’s hallway, near the modem, hoping to squeeze more juice out of the lousy bandwidth. I am trying to send a simple Word doc via gmail and it’s not going, I can’t get online to my blog, and I forgot the cable for my compact camera at home and Finch’s card reader isn’t working. Amazing how much flow can get disrupted by technology that didn’t exist 10 years ago.


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