For the first time in months, I went on an UrbEx expedition today.  (urban exploration).  Urbex involves cameras, abandoned buildings, trespassing and trying not to fall through rotted floorboards.

I’ll sort through my photos and post a few later this week — it’s late, there was a lot of driving and tomorrow is busy.  But I wanted to post this piece of serendipity.

We arrived at our second site today, an abandoned factory in Niagara Falls, NY, and found a bizarre amount of activity.  Two or three cars and a *cab*.    No one takes a *cab* to urbex sites.  Another two cars pulled inside the loading dock.  Then three camo-ed, helmeted guys crept around the corner, paintball guns at the ready.

The leader of our group brokered some kind of deal with the remarkably amicable paintballers, who promised not to shoot anyone who had a camera.  So they did their shooting and we did ours.

In a way, they’d ruined the site — splotches of orange and green dotted the hulking, rusting machines, threw colour in where there should only be grades of metallic grey and green.  But occasionally, the palimpsest of activity they threw over the site also created something alluring.  Like this window, clearly a shield in some skirmish.

And in firefight, it became almost a ricepaper image of autumn.

It’s all serendipity.

PS.  Jan! I bought the 10-22mm.  It had its first outing today.  I want to marry it. More to come.


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