On our first day, we left the car at the end of the road and hiked to a steep edge,  facing the valley that snaked into the interior of Spitsbergen..  Eying the textured rockface about a kilometre across from us, we noticed that snow patterns on rock are as imaginatively malleable as clouds.

“That one is like an african man wearing a head-dress,” said Finch.

“With a little dog nipping at his knees,” I added.  “And that one is like a woman dancing with her child.”

We grew silent, surrounded by untouched planet, tucked together, completely happy.  Inside the uneven rhythms of the wind.

After a few minutes, Finch spoke suddenly.

“We really shouldn’t be this far from the car without the rifle.”


2 thoughts on “Sitting

  1. Bwah! That made me literally LOL. You should visit Nunavut next.

    Are you actually in polar bear territory? Or other wild things?

  2. Loretta, yes, actually in polar bear territory. Big signs at the end of town Warning about Polar Bears Everywhere. We’re not supposed to leave town without a rifle.

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