Don’t know nutthin about photoshop

But my current struggles with exposure make me realize that I really need to have a way of compensating for my less-than-stellar decisions in the field, especially with this trip to svalbard coming up.

So I’m trying to teach myself, and it’s frustrating, because I don’t even really know what is possible.  Reading lots of blogs but it’s all boggling.  So I’m trying to cobble together a little learning from adobe tutorials, blogs and instinct.

And managed to enhance this shot just a little.

This is White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, which we drove through in February.  This is the straight out of the camera version of one of my favourite shots.

And this is what I did to enhance it a little

Subtle but a little pop.  Sharpened it a bit and did something mysterious to the exposure.

Virgin photoshop foray.  Now to try to fix things I thought were terrible.


One thought on “Don’t know nutthin about photoshop

  1. Even before you photoshop (can I use that as a verb?), your photos are better than most.

    I do most of my photo editing on Picassa and it helps, but not really ‘professional’ for sure.

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