Turning 53

It was my birthday yesterday and today happened to be my monthly gig on the Fitness blog, so I reflected on what it felt like for me.




My next major trip is Bhutan, in May.  I booked a bike trip a couple of months ago, and finally turned my attention to flights.  Tried my usual methods of booking flights and it turns out… no one flies there.  Except a tiny airline owned by the Kingdom.  You can’t book a flight from Toronto to Bhutan — you have to book a flight to one of five asian cities and then do a separate trip with this tiny airline.  Who only publish their schedule three months in advance.


When you send them an email and they are out of the office, this is what you get:

Dear Cate ,

Kuzu Zangpola! (Bhutanese greeting)

Upon receiving your enquiry, our team did a little traditional Bhutanese song and dance. We will be in contact with you soon as we usually require at least one day to meditate over your enquiry to ensure we’ve created the best itinerary possible for you.

Once we’ve ensured our response has the village chief stamp of approval (we light a butter lamp just in case), we give each other a high five, click ‘send’ and eagerly await your reply. So eager, sometimes we can’t sleep at night.

While waiting for us to return from our mountain, feel free to browse the following.  (Links to amazing videos about the kingdom).

The second “I’m not here reply” is different:

Thank you for contacting us.

Apologies, but our office is closed now. We’d rather be replying you, but we’re currently on a mountain for mandatory meditation. If you can correctly guess which mountain we’re on, we’ll reply straight away. If not, we’ll get back to you the next working day after our descent.

In the meantime, journey into spirituality with us here: 

I guess I’m going to New Delhi en route.

All of this difficulty getting there is exactly what gets my heart racing.


I went to Morocco over the holidays, but I didn’t post about it — very shaky wifi, but more significantly for me, I was never alone.  Turns out I experience things very differently when I’m traveling alone than when I’m with other people, and that alone-ness makes me reflective and bloggy.  I was a bit more along for the ride this time, but it was lovely.  So in lieu of word-vignettes, three #nofilter photos of our trek into the Sahara on camels as the full moon rose over the desert.


I wrote this post about a week ago for the Feminist Fitness blog, and then I succumbed to a flu and missed three days of significant work, a first for me.  I am not going to post what I look like right now after three days in bed, but feeling the vulnerability of time is particularly poignant right now.  Thankfully the second season of The Crown dropped on Friday and I had a mid-century royal world to escape to.

What does it mean to look my age?