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Last year, my niece, who was 11 at the time, said that all she wanted for Christmas was “a plane ticket to somewhere I’ve never been.”  I’m a big fan of encouraging wanderlust, and I wanted to find a way to … Continue reading

Learning to keep my bike healthy

I blogged about how learning to fix my bike changed my relationship with it.

Keeping your bike healthy

Why I love spinning

I wrote a random post for the fitness blog declaring my love for my spinning teacher, George.


What makes a good spinning class?


I was in Barbados for a mini-break last week, and wrote a post about seeing a new place through running for the fitness blog.

Running in Barbados

Me showing Ivan the restless freedom of the sea.


And now I’m home.  Snow and work and dealing with the fallout of accidentally destroying my computer two weeks ago and misplacing my new license tags.  It’s amazing how quickly the five hour plane ride drains off the calm of the sun and sea with people you love.

Work 😉



Make your day harder!

I wrote a nagging post about incorporating movement into your day for the Fitness blog yesterday.

Make your day harder! (Guest post)


Sunset from the gardiner on the way to yoga 


What do you do in the chill dark of February?  Learn to fix your bike. Among other nifty things  I replaced a cable gear guided by Albert from MEC.